RLM North Men’s Affinity Groups

Don’t miss out on connecting with other men over the summer.
Call the contact person listed with the event you would to be a part of.

June 8th – Kayak on Spirit Lake
Don McCleary 605.350.0611
June 9th – Summer Shoot: H2H Bison Ranch
Rob Anderson 909.917.5040
June 23rd – Flyfishing CDA River
Bill Babica 208.755.0014
June 30th – Motorcycle Ride, moderate trail ride
Asa Bowman 208.659.2203
June – Tuesday Night Basketball
T.J. Barnhart 208.660.5785

July 14th – Boat Fishing Trip
Cory Speer 208.818.1123
July 14th & 15th – Motorcycle Ride, 280 mile loop
Mike Selander 720.362.0528
Contact T.J. – Father, Son Backpack Trip, 10yrs & older
T.J. Barnhart 208.660.5785
July 28th – Kayak on Spirit Lake
Paul White 208.660.0343
July – Open Gym Basketball
T.J. Barnhart 208.660.5785

August 4th – Hiking, moderate
Ray Schmidt- 208.659.2203
August 4th – 3D Archery Shoot
Cory Speer 208.818.1123
August 9th – Animal Tracking
T.J. Barnhart 208. 660.5785


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