Contrary to conventional wisdom, men thrive in relationships. Too often, society characterizes men as cave dwellers – alone, secluded, individualists.   God never intended it that way. The Great Commandment reminds that God calls us to relationship with Him and into relationship with others.

Men’s groups exist with the purpose of providing a relational environment where intentional leaders can guide men through a reproducible process that is Christ-centered and Biblically sound. We exist, not to fix your problems, but rather to help bring you into a relationship with our Triune God that fosters the ability of the Holy Spirit to work within you.

men’s affinity group’s

Don’t miss out on connecting with other men over the summer.

Call the contact person listed with the event you would to be a part of.

June 8th – Kayak on Spirit Lake
Don McCleary 605.350.0611
June 9th – Summer Shoot: H2H Bison Ranch
Rob Anderson 909.917.5040
June 23rd – Flyfishing CDA River
Bill Babica 208.755.0014
June 30th – Motorcycle Ride, moderate trail ride
Asa Bowman 208.659.2203
June – Tuesday Night Fights
T.J. Barnhart 208.660.5785

July 14th – Boat Fishing Trip
Cory Speer 208.818.1123
July 14th & 15th – Motorcycle Ride, 280 mile loop
Mike Selander 720.362.0528
July 19th & 20th – Father, Son Backpack Trip, 10yrs & older
T.J. Barnhart 208.660.5785
July 28th – Kayak on Spirit Lake
Paul White 208.660.0343
July – Open Gym Basketball @ Timberlake High School
T.J. Barnhart 208.660.5785

August 4th – Hiking, moderate
Ray Schmidt- 208.659.2203
August 4th – 3D Archery Shoot
Cory Speer 208.818.1123
August 9th – Animal Tracking
T.J. Barnhart 208. 660.5785

men’s breakfast

To be announced