We are created for relationship – with both God and others. Whether you’re looking for a small group, Bible study, ministry activity, or you want to begin serving in one of our many ministries, check out our SERVE page, we’d love to help connect you to a ministry.

We are available before, after and during services at the Next Steps area of our lobby, we’d love to spend some time and help you find the best way to get “plugged in” at Real Life Ministries.

Be sure to check out Membership series classes:

101 Membership Class (Part 1): This is where you’ll find out what we believe and how we come together in unity as a team here at Real Life.

101 Membership Class (Part 2): The intent of this class is to help you understand the process that Jesus taught, modeled, and called Christian people to. That process is discipleship. Come learn about the discipleship process and where you are within it. Completion of the 101 Membership Series is a requirement to serve in any of our ministries.

Please view our calendar to see when the next class is!

Also, if you are interested in looking at what we believe, please view our Doctrinal Statement to better understand what we believe and how we come together as a team at Real Life Ministries.

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